Archers are master bowmen, capable of channeling immense powers through the arrows they fire. Where others believe in brute strength, the Archer's forte lies in precision and discretion. Schooled as snipers, hunters, and rangers, most Archers learn to work independently early on in their careers. This gives them the flexibility needed to set up targets of opportunity, firing from unexpected quarters with every intention of making the first shot the final one. Whether the quarry in question is monster, animal, or human is immaterial; once a target has been committed to, the Archer's only concern is its swift and efficient elimination. All of this encourages a patient, cool-headed, even ruthless breed of person; only in a state of absolute calm can the Archer's true potential unfold.

+15 +10 +15 +10 +5 +5

Job Profile

  • Representatives: Archer Job (FFIII, FFT, FFTA), Ranger Job (FFXI), Hunter Job (FFV, FFXI, FFTA), Sniper Job (FFTA), Mustadio Bunanza (FFT), Barret Wallace (FFVII)
  • HP Die: d10
  • MP Die: n/a
  • Weapons: Boomerangs, Bows, Crossbows, Rifles
  • Armor: Armwear, Hats, Suits, Shields
  • Accuracy Bonus: +30
  • Skill Points: 240
  • Skill Aptitudes: Wilderness


The Archer's talent with a ranged weapon is unparalleled. With almost minimal effort, he can focus his will into an projectile, strike disabling blows, or unleash a withering barrage of fire at his opponents.

Take Aim

Level: 1
Target: Single
Type: Slow (2)

The Archer enters a state of absolute concentration, focusing every fiber of his being on tracking the target’s movements to strike with absolute accuracy. Take Aim inflicts 100%, Armor Physical damage on the targeted combatant, striking automatically. In addition, if the Weapon being used in the attack has an Equipment Ability that allows it to inflict Status Conditions, their CoS is increased by +30. This does not affect any Immunities the target possesses.


Level: 8
Target: Single
Type: Slow (Varies)

By storing up chi energy as he waits for the perfect shot, an Archer can strike with greater power and force when he finally makes his attack.

The power of Charge depends both on the Archer’s Level and how long he is prepared to charge an attack for. At Level 8, the Archer can do 125%, Armor damage by charging for 4 ticks, striking automatically; at higher Levels, he gains the ability to charge longer for increased damage, but may always choose to use Charge with a shorter CT in exchange for reduced damage. The table below gives the exact breakdown.

Charge Level Damage CT
Charge +1 8 +25% 4
Charge +2 29 +50% 10
Charge +3 43 +75% 14
Charge +4 64 +100% 20

Leg Aim

Level: 15
Target: Single
Type: Slow (6)

The Archer takes aim, firing a crippling shot intended to cut short the target’s movement. Leg Aim has a CoS of Dexterity, Evasion of inflicting the Status Condition Immobilize (4).

Arm Aim

Level: 22
Target: Single
Type: Slow (8)

Drawing a bead, the Archer lets loose with a well-placed shot, aiming to cripple the target’s fighting ability. Arm Aim has a CoS of Dexterity, Evasion of inflicting the Status Condition Disable (4).


Level: 29
Target: Single
Type: Slow (10)

The Archer draws on his body’s chi, creating a glowing, iridescent ball of vital energy and firing it at the enemy in one swift motion. Mindblow inflicts 100% Physical damage, subtracted from the target’s MP rather than HP.


Level: 36
Target: Single
Type: Slow (12)

An experienced Archer can make an enemy’s armor work against it, striking blows where they’re least expected. Tableturner inflicts 100% + Target's Armor Physical damage on the targeted combatant, striking automatically.

Arrow Guard

Level:" 43
Target: Self
Type: Support

An Archer who has mastered the art of setting up a shot can predict where—and when—his opponents will do the same. Arrow Guard gives the Archer an Evasion bonus equal to his current Level against Ranged attacks targeting him. This only affects attacks modified by Evasion—those targeting the Party or modified by M. Evasion are resolved as normal.


Level:" 50
Target: Group
Type: Slow (16)

By entering a state of heightened awareness and channeling chi into his motions, the Archer can open fire at an entire formation of foes, creating a devastating hail of attacks. Barrage inflicts 100%, Armor Physical damage on all eligible combatants in the targeted Group, striking automatically. Unlike other Snipe Abilities, Barrage does not override Equipment Abilities bestowed by ammunition. The Archer may choose what ammunition—if any—to use against each individual target. Any ammunition used during the Barrage is consumed as normal.

Triple Foul

Level: 57
Target: Single
Type: Slow (18)

Calling on his chi reserves, the Archer looses three quick shots at an opponent, hoping to weaken and disorient them with one well-placed salvo. Triple Foul has a CoS of Dexterity, Evasion of inflicting the Status Conditions Confusion (6), Disable (6), and Silence (6); roll separately for each Status.

Unlimited Shot

Level: 64
Target: Group
Type: Slow (20)

At its pinnacle, the Archer’s art allows him to channel his energy into a continuous stream of missile fire, indiscriminately peppering his foes with shot after shot. Unlimited Shot allows the Archer to make a series of increasingly inaccurate attacks, each striking a random opponent for 100%, Armor Physical Damage. The first attack has a CoS of 100; this decreases by 10 on each subsequent attack until the Archer misses a target, ending Unlimited Shot. As per the Rule of 10, the CoS will never go below 10.

"The pressure of the moment… An instant of tension… That's what… I have to face alone…" —Irvine Kinneas, Final Fantasy VIII

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