Also known as Dragon Knights, Dragoons trace their lineage back to an ancient order of dragon-riders renowned for their skill in aerial combat. Their chosen mount, the Wind Drake, was a small, agile dragon capable of flying at great speeds and executing devastating dive-bomb attacks that literally crashed into opponents from on high, turning the Dragoons’ reinforced lances into armor-splitting projectiles.

However, times have changed, and the Dragoons’ mounts are only a distant memory. To compensate, Dragoons have learned to harness the powers of their predecessors’ long-dead companions, channeling the Dragon Spirit through their bodies to recreate techniques and attacks of old.

+15 +12 +10 +10 +8 +5

Job Profile

Representatives: Dragoon Job (FFIII, FFV, FFXI, FFT, FFTA), Uhlan Job (FFXIIZJ), Kain Highwind (FFIV), Cid Highwind (FFVII), Ward Zabac (FFVIII), Freya Crescent (FFIX)
HP Die: d10
MP Die: n/a
Weapons: Axes, Knives, Polearms, Swords
Armor: Gauntlets, Helmets, Mail, Shields
Accuracy Bonus: +30
Skill Points: 240
Skill Aptitudes: Weapon

Dragon Art

By drawing on the spirit of the ancient Wind Drakes and the legendary Six Dragons, a Dragoon can channel the powers of dragonkind into a brutal array of aerial and ground attacks. Most Dragoons favor spears and javelins in combat – partially out of respect for the old ways, partially to absorb the incredible kinetic force of their signature jump attacks.


Level: 1
Target: Single
Type: Slow (Special CT)

Calling on the spirit of the Wind Drake, a Dragoon gains the ability to break the bonds of gravity and soar into the skies with a single bound. Jump can carry the Dragoon as far as 30 meters – vertically, horizontally, or a combination of both. If used as an attack, it inflicts 200%, Armor Physical damage on the target, striking automatically.

Jump essentially functions as a Slow Action. Once the Dragoon has Jumped, she will land during her next turn, regardless of whether it takes place later in the same Round or in the next Round entirely. While in the air, the Dragoon generates Initiative as normal, but moves too quickly to be targeted; she will not be affected by any Group attacks targeting her allies. Status Conditions continue to affect the Dragoon and count down as normal ‘in flight'.

As with any Slow Action, anything that would prevent the Dragoon from completing the Jump – up to and including the Dragoon's Hit Points being reduced to 0 or lower – will automatically cancel it, returning the Dragoon to the field of battle. Use of Jump may be restricted in areas with low ceilings, though this is left to the GM’s discretion.

Cherry Blossom

Level: 8
Target: Group
Type: Slow (4)

The Dragoon charges her weapon with the Dragon Spirit, building up a critical quantity of energy before hurling it at the enemy. As the weapon strikes the ground, the charge releases in a series of fiery explosions, engulfing the immediate area. Cherry Blossom strikes automatically, inflicting 75%, Armor Physical damage on all opponents in the targeted Group.

Ancient Circle

Level: 15
Target: Party
Type: Slow (6)

Every Dragoon knows that not everything with scales is a friend. By creating a circle of power around the party, the Dragoon can infuse all weapons in the area with the Dragon Spirit, allowing them to strike true against wyrms and their kin. When used, Ancient Circle gives any Weapon currently equipped by the Dragoon or her allies the Equipment Ability Dragon Killer, allowing her to strike Dragon enemies for +100% damage (4).


Level: 22
Target: Single
Type: Slow (8)

Channeling the power of the Red Dragon into her weapon, the Dragoon lunges forward with bone-shattering force. Lancer inflicts 125%, Armor Physical damage on the target, striking automatically; in addition, 50% of the damage dealt is subtracted from the target’s MP. MP damage dealt by Lancer is not reduced by ARM or M. ARM.

Reis's Wind

Level: 29
Target: Party
Type: Slow (10)

The Dragoon calls upon the power of the Holy Dragon Reis, enveloping her allies in a stream of life force that bestows the Status Condition Regen (4).


Level: 36
Target: Self
Type: Reaction

The Dragoon shrouds herself in the power of the Dragon Spirit, entrusting her life to its mercies. When triggered, Dragonheart has a flat CoS of 30% of bestowing the Status Condition Reraise (∞). This Ability may only be used once per battle or Scene.

Reaction Trigger: Physical Damage, Magical Damage

White Draw

Level 43
Target: Single/Party
Type: Slow (14)

The Dragoon summons the power of the White Dragon in a sweeping white mist that encircles the enemy, draining their magical energies before dissipating in a shower of mana-rich particles. White Draw inflicts 100%, M. Armor Magical damage to the target’s MP. Once damage has been calculated, every active character with an MP Die in the Party gains (MP Drained / Number of Active Characters in Party with MP Dice) MP.

Power Jump

Level: 50
Target: Special
Type: Slow (Special CT)

Dragoon veterans jump high and true, marshaling their training to launch powerful attacks in mid-flight. Power Jump can carry the Dragoon as far as 60 meters – vertically, horizontally, or a combination of both.

Power Jump is in essence three Slow Actions with a Single target, each with a CT of 16. The first Action sees the Dragoon jump into the air. The second Action is undertaken on the following turn as the Dragoon remains in the air, hurling golden chi projectiles at her target’s Group. These inflict 150%, M. Armor Magical damage to all active combatants in the Group; use the Dragoon’s MAG, rather than STR, to calculate the base Weapon damage. The third occurs on the next turn, as the Dragoon fires another round of chi projectiles, resolved in the same manner as the first round. Once damage calculation is complete, the Dragoon then lands on her original target, inflicting 200%, Armor Physical damage. Beyond this, Power Jump is subject to the same rules and restrictions as Jump.

Dragon Breath

Level 57
Target: Single
Type: Slow (18)

The Dragoon draws on the power of the rarest of all wyrmkind, the two-headed dragon, summoning two spectral dragon’s heads to perch on her shoulders and consume the enemy with waves of magical flame. Dragon Breath has a CoS of Dexterity, M. Evasion of inflicting (Target’s Maximum HP - Target’s Current HP) Physical damage. Damage dealt by Dragon Breath is not modified by Armor, but cannot exceed 999 HP.

Dragon Horn

Level: 64
Target: Group
Type: Slow (Special CT)

Mastery of the Dragoon Jump gives the Dragoon unrivaled control over her landings, turning a single deadly impact into a series of brutal, unpredictable pounces. Dragon Horn can carry the Dragoon as far as 40 meters – vertically, horizontally, or a combination of both.

Unlike Jump and Power Jump, Dragon Horn has an initial Charge Time of 20 ticks before the Dragoon jumps; during this time, she can be targeted as normal, and is still vulnerable to attack. At the end of this Charge Time, the Dragoon leaps into the air. She does not land immediately during her next turn, but 20 ticks afterwards; in essence, this is a second Slow Action with another CT of 20. Upon landing, the Dragoon strikes the initial target automatically for 200%, Armor Physical damage, then uses the force of the impact to propel herself back into the air for another attack. Roll a d8 and consult the table below to determine how many times the Dragoon ‘bounces’ after the initial landing.

Roll Jumps
1 1
2–4 2
5–7 3
8 4

Every subsequent ‘bounce’ automatically strikes a randomly determined combatant in the initial target’s Group, inflicting 75%, Armor Physical damage with every strike. Beyond this, Dragon Horn is subject to the same rules and restrictions as Jump and Power Jump.

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