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"Remember that you alone choose the path on which you walk." —Eidolon Ramuh Final Fantasy IX

One does not become a master swordsman or legendary mage by luck alone; training and experience both play an important part in the shaping of a hero. Each of the four Classes in the FFRPG – Warrior, Expert, Adept and Mage – draws its power from a slightly different source. Fighters tap on chi and physical power, Mages on the natural force of magic, Experts on their expertise and ingenuity, and Adepts on a combination of all three. These four Classes are divided into a number of separate professions based on the heroes and heroines of the Final Fantasy series – crafty Engineers, sneaky Thieves, deadly Ninja, noble Dragoons, and more are all represented here.


The Jobs presented over the course of this chapter follow a standard format. After a brief introduction, each has a 'Job profile' containing the following information:

  • Attribute Bonuses are given before the profile proper. Added to a character's Racial Maximums, these determine the caps for the character's Attributes as a whole as described in Chapter 2.
  • Representatives lists characters in the Final Fantasy series that are either known members of the Job in question or embody many of its qualities. The game each character featured in is given in (parentheses).
  • HP Die is used to calculate the Job's Hit Points at character generation and upon gaining a Level as described in Chapter 2.
  • MP Die is used to calculate the Job's Magic Points at character generation and upon gaining a Level as described in Chapter 2.
  • Weapons lists the Weapon types this Job is proficient with. Weapon types not listed in a Job’s profile may not be wielded by a character unless they have the Advantage Special Training. The one exception to this are Thrown Weapons, which may be used by all Jobs.
  • Armor lists the Armor types this Job is proficient with. Armor types not listed in a Job's profile may not be worn by a character unless they have the Advantage Special Training.
  • Accuracy Bonus varies from Job to Job, and is used to calculate to the character's Accuracy as per Chapter 2.
  • Skill Points give the number of Skill Points a character of this Job can spend at character creation.
  • Skill Aptitude lists the Skill Category the character can buy Skills at half cost from.

The Job's Ability Set is presented after the profile, presenting each individual Ability in an easy-to-read format. For Spell-casting Jobs, the Ability Set also contains a table showing when new Spells are gained, if applicable.

Abilities and Two Weapons

Unless its description says otherwise, all offensive Abilities are limited to a single Weapon at a time. If the character has more than one Weapon equipped, decide which one to use.

Warrior Jobs

Warriors make up the front line of any battle, fearlessly charging into the thick of a fray without any regard to personal safety. Their ability to deal and receive damage in equal measure makes them essential in protecting the party’s weaker members and a formidable force in their own right.

Almost all Warriors derive their powers from the manipulation of chi, the natural energy that flows through all living beings. By siphoning off portions of their own chi or opening their bodies to its ambient flow, Warriors can infuse their attacks with additional power or perform superhuman feats of athleticism. This allows them to use their talents almost indefinitely – or at least until as long as they still draw breath.

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