Keywords: Technique, Action
Cost: 40D/F20

Dexterity, Evasion chance to yoink an item, with a +10 bonus (maximum +50) every time it fails for a given target. This bonus vanishes on a successful steal or when another target is chosen. All enemies have common (75% chance) and rare (25% chance) slots; roll 1d100 on a successful steal to determine which slot is pulled. If the slot is empty, a booby prize is acquired; this prize is equal to (Margin of Success × (Target's Level / 5)) gil (50 gil minimum), multiplied by three if the empty slot is the rare slot.


Keywords: Technique, Action, Scan
Cost: 35D/F15

Dexterity, (Evasion / 2) chance to determine what the target's item slots are.


Keywords: Reaction, Trigger: Throw, Trigger: Item Use, Trigger: Ranged Attack

If any of the triggers would match an action targeting the character, on an Evasion / 2 check, that action automatically misses and, if the trigger involves an item being expended, the character gains the item. Roll this check before rolling the action's accuracy.


Keywords: Technique, Action, Status: Unaware
Cost: 35D/F15

Dexterity, Evasion chance to inflict Unaware (4) on the target.


Keywords: Technique, Action
Cost: (Weapon + 5)D/F(Weapon + 5)

As per standard Attack, with an additional Dexterity - 20, Evasion chance to steal as per the Steal Ability.


Keywords: Technique, Action, Status: Charm
Cost: 35D/F15

Dexterity, Evasion chance to inflict Charm (4) on the target.


Keywords: Support, Resist Charm, Resist Unaware

All attempts to steal from the character automatically fail. In addition, the character gains Resist Charm 4 and Resist Unaware 4.

Artful Dodger

Keywords: Support

All of the character's actions' costs are reduced by 5D/F5. In addition, the character's Evasion receives a permanent 1.5 multiplier.

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